The Cranborne Lockyers

Other Lockyer families in the region

Lockyers did not just live on the heathlands. There are records of Lockyers living in many places within the Dorset/Hampshire border region and it is quite likely that these various families are connected in some way. One of the most interesting of these 'other' Lockyer familes lived in Hampreston.

The records I present here are incomplete and represent on-going research of the records held at the County Records Office in Dorchester. This material is supplemented by information from the IGI and from inscriptions on headstones. Naturally, I shall be grateful for any information that others may have, especially where it indicates or confirms links with the Cranborne Lockyers.

The Hampreston Lockyers

The parish of Hampreston lies between Cranborne and the harbour town of Poole. The parish records there are those of the Church of All Saints, the size of which indicates a much larger early population for the village than the present few dwellings there would suggest.

It is clear from the records that a large subset of the Lockyer family lived in this area from the early seventeenth century. It is very possible that the Lockyers who lived on the Cranborne heathland came originally from this area, for there are a number of interesting links among them to be observed.

The family about which I have the best information is that of Thomas Lockyer and his wife Catherine, who married at the time of the Civil War. Since the West of England was, in general, where traditional Royalist feelings were strongest, it is likely that the Lockyers here were supporters of the King.

Thomas and Catherine's family

ParentsThomas LockyerUnknown6 February 1642
Catherine HaywardUnknown
ChildrenThomas*20 June 1644
Edward*18 January 1647
Joseph*22 October 1650
George*12 March 1652

The Kinson Lockyers

Just a short distance south of Hampreston is the village of Kinson (originally Kingston), where can be found another substantial collection of Lockyers. It is very likely that the Lockyers of Hampreston and those who lived in Kinson represent the same family group. I present here records of some of the individual families of Kinson, primarily in the hope that someone may be able to develop/link them together. The first is that of John Lockyer and his wife Joyce, who married around 1730.

John and Joyce's family

ParentsJohn LockyerUnknownUnknown
ChildrenJohn*6 February 1732
John*6 October 1734
Joseph*15 August 1736
Mary*10 September 1738

Their first son, John, died in the same year as his birth and he was buried on 27 November. As was common then, the couple also named their second son John. Sadly, he too died and was buried on 12 January 1738.

Another family of the same period was that of Robert Lockyer and his wife Elizabeth, shown below. I do not know for sure, but I suspect that Robert was the brother of John (above).

Robert and Elizabeth's family

ParentsRobert LockyerUnknownUnknown
ChildrenElizabeth*26 February 1734
Robert*13 May 1738
John*11 September 1740

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Moving forward a generation, we come across the family of William Lockyer and his wife Anne. They had a large family, which included the twin of Mary and Elizabeth, but some of their children died in infancy. Here they are -

William and Anne's family

ParentsWilliam LockyerUnknownUnknown
ChildrenLydia*18 February 1753
Mary*18 October 1754
Elizabeth*18 October 1754
Anne*26 November 1758
Martha*7 September 1760
Anne*10 November 1762
Anne*24 February 1765
Betty*30 August 1767
Rebecca*5 November 1769
George*25 August 1776

William's contemporary was another John Lockyer, who married Anne Perham in 1753. Here is the family -

John and Anne's family

ParentsJohn LockyerUnknown3 January 1753
Anne PerhamUnknown
ChildrenJoseph*28 October 1753
John*7 March 1756
Anna*22 April 1759
Mary*26 February 1762
Gideon*22 April 1764
John*23 November 1766
William*8 December 1771

At about this time, there were two families in which the father was a Joseph Lockyer. It is likely that one of these Josephs was the son of John and Joyce, born in 1736. There was a marriage in Kinson in 1761 between a Joseph Lockyer and Elizabeth Evamy and I suspect that this was John and Joyce's lad, but I cannot say for certain that it was. Here are the two families -

Joseph and Mary's family

ParentsJoseph LockyerUnsureUnknown
ChildrenJoseph*23 March 1760
Mary*20 September 1761
John*28 August 1763
Thomas*17 August 1766
Phillip*30 October 1768

Joseph and Elizabeth's family

ParentsJoseph LockyerUnsure9 June 1761
Elizabeth EvamyUnknown
ChildrenBenjamin*19 March 1762
John*8 January 1764

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