The Cranborne Lockyers

Unattached branches of the Cranborne Lockyers tree

There were many Lockyers, clearly part of the Cranborne Lockyer family and living close to those recorded in the main tree, whom I cannot yet link to that tree. I hope soon to find the links among these clusters of the family but, for the moment, present the unattached groups here so that others may examine them. Any information that will help me to attach the branches will be very welcome.

The Horton branch

Horton is a village that has virtually relocated. In 1762, a new turnpike road from Ringwood to the Horton Inn was constructed. The houses that make up the present Horton village lie along this road, concealing the early location, which was around the Church of St Wolfrida. The original road passed close to the church and headed more directly east, out towards Chalbury Farm. Today, the public footpath directly opposite the church entrance marks the route of the original road. The church itself stands on the site of an early monastery, which is recorded in the Domesday Book.
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There is an obvious group of Lockyers, who lived in the Horton area, that is recorded in the tree given here. Included among them is Joseph Lockyer, who was the landlord of the famous old Horton Inn. At the present root of this subtree are his father, after whom he was named, and his mother, Hannah.

Joseph and Hannah's family

ParentsJoseph LockyerUnknown14 May 1794
Hannah Lacey*4 June 1760
ChildrenMary*21 August 1796
Joseph*18 August 1799

The Woodlands branch

Another group of Lockyers whose members were clearly directly related to those in the main tree lived in and around the village of Woodlands. Before the church in Woodlands was built in the mid-nineteenth century, the residents of the village originally worshipped in the Church of Wolfrida in Horton and the parish was known as Horton With Woodlands.

For some time, I was confused by the simultaneous existence of two families, both headed by a Jonathan Lockyer whose wife's name was Mary. Only one of these families lived in Woodlands, the other being residents of Hinton Martell, so that is the one shown here.

Jonathan and Mary's family

ParentsJonathan LockyerUnknownUnknown
ChildrenJohn*8 May 1774
Sarah*13 August 1776
Mary*22 June 1777

The Damerham branch

This is a small branch of the family that crosses the county border into Wiltshire and Hampshire. Most of their historical details are to be found at the Hampshire County Records Office for, although Damerham is in Wiltshire, the parish records were deposited at Winchester. The earliest marriage I have found is that of William Lockyer and his wife Mary. William was born around 1797, but I can find no record of his baptism in Damerham. In the record of marriage of his son William he is recorded to be a shoemaker. He died in 1847 and was buried just three days after his daughter Mary.

William and Mary's family

ParentsWilliam Lockyer179712 November 1829
Mary EdomUnknown
ChildrenSarah*30 May 1830
William10 December 1832
John*26 June 1836
Thomas*25 September 1839
Mary Anne*20 February 1842
Mary*4 June 1846
Martha*4 June 1846

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